Our Story

Our Story

We've loving every minute of our journey

1. An Idea is Born

A few like minded cavy breeders got together and discussed how to expand our awesome Fancy into areas not currently serviced by the two clubs operating in our state. 

2. Taking the Leap

So with a great deal of excitement and nerves! and the support from each other we decided to take the leap and start a new club!

3. The next step

Our Secretary Chris Nilsson worked hard behind the scenes registering our new club with NSW Fair Trading and working on all the important details needed for our club to take shape. 
Our next step involved sorting out a committee. It wasn't too hard as we each had committee experience and fell naturally into our roles.

4. Greater Sydney Cavy Club takes shape

Next we started working on our image. What logo should we have? What do we want to say with our logo. Many designs were thought of and created and got thumbs up and some thumbs down. Luckily  our President Karl's clever partner Vince, came up with a logo that we felt expressed what we wanted Greater Sydney Cavy Club to be about - A friendly, fun place to show cavies for everybody!

5. Social Media - Getting our club out there!

This was a little scary as we waited to see how the public would respond to a new club in the state. We started off with our Facebook Page which fortunately was well received with much enthusiasm and we followed not long after with our website. 
Our next step was affiliation with NSW Cavy Club and Capital Country Cavy Club. Now this was a real nail biting moment for us as we waited to see how members of the current clubs would feel about a new club starting. Fortunately members thought it was a great idea to have another option for showing their cavies in our state.

6. Whats happening now.

This is where the excellent talents of our Vice President/Show Secretary, Mark Hollier came to the fore as he designed our membership forms and with his wife Sandy, started scouting around areas for a hall to set up our club.
Not only did they find a hall, they found us 3 halls! 
In the background Chris and Jenny Nilsson along with Sallyanne Levy were busy organising all the financial details for our club. 

Stay tuned for the next chapter of our story as it happens!

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