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Greater Sydney Cavy Club at a Glance

Here at Greater Sydney Cavy Club, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the Cavy Fancy a more fun and friendly place to exhibit cavies. 


We strive to build productive relationships with our sponsors, members and guests and aim to make a positive impact with the endeavours of our club.

©2017 J Greening


©2019 R Hawkins


Our AGM and Annual Awards Ceremony was held on Saturday 30th November at the Bankstown Sports Club, with the outstanding achievements of our exhibitors recognised and rewarded.

As we proudly welcome and congratulate the new 2020 GSCC committee, we extend our gratitude to our previous 2019 GSCC committee for delivering another successful year with their contributions and commitments to the club. 





Wendy Bullen


Jenny Nilsson


Mark Hollier

Cherie McCormack



Sallyanne Levy


Rachael Hawkins



Yasmin Cassidy




FEBRUARY 23, 2020


The 2020 show season is fast approaching, with our first show kicking off in less than two weeks at Carss Park Life Saving Hall.


Karl Kilpatrick will be joining us as our Standard Breeds Judge for the day. Karl has given us some valuable insight on just what judges are looking for in a winning cavy on our Facebook page. You can read more by clicking the button

©2019 R Hawkins



GSCC Pet Membership

If your pet piggy is a regular superstar exhibit at our Pet Shows,

why not become an official GSCC Pet Star Member. 


All pet memberships include:


- 50% off entry fees. (Class fees still apply).


-10% off your total purchase at the Bunny Burrito stall


- Special Pet Club membership card


- Pet Club key ring & star charm to enable you to receive your Bunny Burrito stall discount.


To start enjoying your GSCC Pet Star Member discounts, download your form today!

All pet enquiries - Yasmin Cassidy


©2017 J Greening



Recognizing sponsors, individuals and companies is our way of providing a visible acknowledgement of the importance that their contributions have made to our club.


Whether their contributions were monetary,

in-kind services, products or time, we appreciate all the support given to Greater Sydney Cavy Club

Thank you to the following people and studs who have generously donated to our club,


Karl Kilpatrick

Ken Peddersen

Nathaniel Nilsson

Wendy Bullen

The Hollier Family

The McWilliams Family

Moonshine Cavy Stud

Apache L Cavy Stud

Montane Cavy Stud

Sea Eagle Cavy Stud

Whimsical Cavy Stud

Rickaby Cavy Stud

Luddenham Village Cafe

Sherbert Rozencrantz Your Beautiful

The lucky winners of the fabulous OXBOW hampers, kindly donated by Michelle Schmidt on behalf of our valued sponsor, OXBOW.

"Great things are done

by a series of small things brought together"


Vincent Van Gough




Our awesome President/Show Secretary Mark Hollier has put together another great line up of shows and judges for the 2020 GSCC show season. This promises another year of cavy exhibition in a friendly and fun atmosphere for all to enjoy.

February 23 2020, CARSS PARK LIfe saving Hall

Standard Breeds Cavy Show | Judge: Karl Kilpatrick (NSW)


March 29 2020, CARSS PARK life saving HALL

Standard Breeds Cavy Show | Judge: Jennifer Ballin (QLD)


April 19 2020, Russell COMMUNITY HALL

Standard Breeds Cavy Show | Judge: Helen Seglins (SA)

May 10 2020, Wyee Community Hall

Standard Breeds Cavy Show | Judge: Melanie Barnes (QLD)

June 14 2020, Carss Park Life Saving Hall

Standard Breeds Cavy Show | Judge: Karl Kilpatrick (NSW)

July 12 2020, Carss Park Life Saving Hall

Standard Breeds Cavy Show | Judge: Lee Anne collins (SA)

September 6 2020, Wyee Community Hall

Standard Breeds Cavy Show | Judge: Stephen Robson (QLD)

October 18 2020, Russell vale community hall

Standard Breeds Cavy Show | Judge: Rachel McKay (SA)

November 1 2020, Mortdale Community Hall

Young Stock and Standard Breeds Cavy Show

Judges: Peter Wright (QLD) & Donna Wright (QLD)

TBA, Bankstown Sports Club

AGM and Annual Award Ceremony


Not sure where to find us? Click on the map icon for directions.

Carss Park Life Saving Hall

Carwar Avenue, Carss Park NSW 2221

George Bell Pavilion Castle Hill Showground, 131Z Showground Rd, Castle Hill NSW 2154

Mortdale Community Centre

2b Boundary Road, Mortdale NSW 2223

Oatley Community Hall

Oatley Avenue, Oatley NSW 2223

Russell Vale Community Hall

36A Keerong Ave, Russell Vale NSW 2517

Wyee Community Hall 

114 Wyee Rd, Wyee NSW 2259



All Standard Breed Shows start at 9.30 am unless otherwise advertised


Exhibitors are to collect and pay* for their entries and advise of any scratchings by 9 am.


*Please disregard if payment was made via direct debit with entry submission.

Sallyanne Levy

GSCC Entries Secretary and Point Scorer


The Greater Sydney Cavy Club entries secretary requires entry forms to be received the Friday before show day, no later than 7 pm. Currently, there is no late entry fee however, we do ask that you email Sallyanne should you be experiencing any difficulties.


Entries can be emailed directly to Sallyanne or posted to our club secretary. Please consider the delivery times when posting. Payment can be made by direct deposit prior to show day or with cash or cheque on the day.


Please fill out your form as accurately as possible, clearly listing the cavy's stud prefix, name, date of birth, breed class, colour if required and the age section it will compete in ie:

cavies aged 12 months or more are listed as A = Boar, B = Sow, 

cavies aged 9-12 months are listed as I = Intermediate,

cavies aged 6-9 months are listed as C = Juniors and lastly

cavies aged 3-6 months are listed as D = Babies.

Cavies under 3 months of age are not permitted to be shown.

Preparing your cavies to look their best is a very important part of showing. Remove guard hairs, wash and dry your cavies making sure to trim those nails and clean their feet. Boars will also need their grease glands cleaned.

If you are unsure or need advice please ask! Our committee and members are always happy to help and often have many ideas and suggestions from their own experiences. 


On the day of the show, you will need to bring a purpose-built show board. These are a requirement for you to show your cavy. They can be purchased on the day of the show from our Pet Manager, Yasmin Cassidy or alternatively, you can make your own with a personal statement of style!